Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sweet Squirrel easel card

Today I'm using this adorable squirrel image, isn't' she cute?  

 I went way out there on this one, if you've got someone who's really depressed, this would be a great card to make them smile.  I made it an easel card so it can be displayed and remind them to Think Happy Thoughts!
 I made a simple crochet chain with some twine, then added lots of punch art confetti.  I keep a small box for all the tiny punch pieces I have from projects.  I simply swirled my glue then laid the pieces in place then sprinkled some dazzling diamonds glitter over the wet glue.
I gave her a flower in her ear and pierced her other one with a pearl, lol, then gave her a pile of confetti to sprinkle about!

This is what the whole inside of the card looks like.
She's also got some crystal effects on her eyes and nose.

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  1. Adorable card, Love all the elements and dimension's!