Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Plant sitter

Good morning  friends!   While shopping the other day, I saw this lovely African violet and knew
I had to have it.  My grandma always had one in the house, and it reminds me of her.  Gram was my
best friend.  I was very fortunate to have been so close to her.  :)  

For my project, I've used this beautiful purple plant, and this darling stamp to make  little plant sitter.
I thought it was so cute.  It will be nice to keep on my desk, remind me of my gram, and give me
an extra smile throughout the day.

I made a card (kind of)  I photoshopped one, with a photo of my plant.  I tried to print it out, but either my printer printed it out blue instead of purple, so it shall stay an Ecard.

You can find this clear stamp at

My african violet with plant sitter
After coloring my stamp, I adhered it to a heavy
duty paper clip. I then could easily clip
my little bear to the instructions stick that was
in my plant.

Card made from the photo of my plant.  


  1. Love this, so cute your bear is adorable and what a sweet card. Thanks for sharing I too have fond memories of my grandmother She lived with us all of my life until I moved away!